Importance of Preventive Medicine ( in Yearly Well Adult Visits)

Take your health into your own hands with preventive medical care.

Fewer Americans have a primary care doctor these days. A 2015 study in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal reported that 25 percent of Americans didn’t have a primary care doctor. Primary care is incredibly important for adults, and the Cypress, TX, primary care physicians at Premier NW Houston Medical Group want to make sure all adults are getting regular annual wellness visits. Here are the benefits of turning to a primary care doctor.

You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

If you have health insurance, your plan will most likely cover most or all of your annual checkups with our Cypress, TX, primary care doctors. Even if you still have to pay out of pocket for an appointment, paying for a preventive checkup once a year is going to be far more cost-effective than the burden and expense of paying for long-term medications, treatments, and care that come with chronic illnesses and disease.

Prevent Health Problems

One of the biggest benefits of turning to a primary care doctor once a year is that it gives us a chance to look under the proverbial hood to make sure everything in our bodies is functioning properly. Just as you have to take your car to the mechanic to get serviced (even when it’s functioning properly), the same rules apply to people. By coming in once a year for checkups, screenings, and vaccines, we can help keep you healthy all year round.

Catch Health Problems Early

We also know your entire medical history, which means that we understand your risk factors for developing certain health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Based on this knowledge we can provide patients with helpful and simple lifestyle changes that can improve elevated blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol levels naturally. By helping patients lead healthier lifestyles we can reverse disease and prevent patients from needing long-term medication and treatments.

Looking for a primary care doctor in Cypress, TX? If so, the team at Premier NW Houston Medical Group is here to provide you with wellness visits and preventive care. To schedule your next checkup, call us at (281) 758-1022.

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