Physical Exams

The Importance of Physical Exams in Cypress, TX

You shouldn’t only wait until you’re sick to visit your doctor. It’s important that you’re visiting for a physical exam to make sure you’re doing what you can to prevent certain illnesses from occurring and keeping yourself as healthy as possible! Physical exams are important in making sure that there aren’t any issues that are going unnoticed and untreated and to make sure that your overall health isn’t of concern to you or your doctor.

Your primary care doctor at Premier NW Houston Medical Group wants to make sure you are as healthy as possible and that you’re getting the treatment you need for any specific conditions you may be dealing with. The best way to make sure these conditions are being identified and treated is by staying consistent with your physical exams.

During a physical exam your primary care doctor will check various aspects of your body and systems to ensure that everything is functioning as expected. They’ll check your vital signs and the general appearance of how your skin looks. Your doctor will also use a stethoscope to listen to your heart and lungs and ensure that your heartbeat is regular, and your lungs are clear.

Your ears, nose, sinuses, lymph nodes, thyroid, and throat will also be examined. Your doctor will make sure there’s no inflammation or swelling in any of these areas. Last, they’ll check your abdomen to make sure there is no tenderness in that area and that there’s no swelling in your liver. You may also need to have a blood test or urinalysis done to make sure nothing is going unchecked.

What does a standard Physical Exam include?

A physical exam is a crucial part of any doctors’ visit. It’s your one-on-one time to sit down with us and discuss any issues you might be having. Our goal is to provide counseling to address your concerns and to make sure you stay healthy.

Your medical history: Any past health issues, as well as your family’s medical history, can provide quite a bit of insight into problems you may have in the future. Be sure to mention serious disorders, hospitalizations, allergies or any medications you are currently taking. The more information you can provide us the more comprehensive your evaluation will be.

Your lifestyle: Your daily habits are often just as telling as your medical history when it comes to your risk of developing certain diseases. We will discuss certain factors like your diet, exercise regime, smoking and alcohol use, and sexual history. We may also ask you about vaccinations you have had.

Your vital signs: We will check your temperature, heart rate, respiration rate and blood pressure to make sure that everything is looking normal and healthy.

The actual exam: Once all your vitals are taken we will thoroughly examine all areas of the body to make sure they are healthy. This exam will include:

  • The heart and lungs
  • Head and neck
  • Nerves, reflexes, and balance
  • Skin and nails
  • Abdomen and bowels
  • Extremities

Interested in getting a physical exam from an experienced primary care provider? Contact our team at Premier NW Houston Medical Group to schedule an appointment. You can reach us in our Cypress, TX office at (281) 758-1022, so call today!

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