Chronic Care Management

Learn more about the role your primary doctor will play in helping you control chronic disease.

Are you living with a chronic illness? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. According to the National Health Council, approximately 133 million Americans, or 40% of the US population, have a chronic or ongoing disease. Chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are so commonplace, that many Americans are being diagnosed with more than one chronic illness. Wondering about the role our Cypress, TX, primary care doctor here at Premier NW Houston Medical Group will play in your long-term care?

Get Regular and Individualized Care

A primary care doctor is going to be the first doctor you turn to for medical care and treatment, whether you have a chronic health problem or not. While you will most likely have specialists that you’ll also turn to manage your condition, our Cypress, TX, primary care doctors will also provide you with routine checkups and care to help you better control your symptoms and improve your quality of life. We are here for you whenever you have questions or concerns.

Get Screenings That Could Save Your Life

The reason so many people are being diagnosed with multiple chronic health problems is that one disease often puts people at risk for others. For example, those with diabetes are also more at risk for chronic kidney issues, nerve damage, and stroke. By turning to our primary care doctors regularly for care, we can also perform the appropriate screenings to prevent other diseases or to catch them early when they are often easier to treat (and may even be reversible).

Get Referrals

Trying to find a specialist you trust can be challenging. Not to mention the fact that many specialists require referrals from a general doctor before you can even schedule an appointment. It isn’t always easy to see a specialist when you need one, but having our primary doctors by your side ensures that you will get referrals to the very best and most trusted specialists and experts.

Are you looking for a primary care doctor in Cypress, TX, that can provide ongoing care and treatments to help you live a healthier, happier life with a chronic illness? If so, call Premier NW Houston Medical Group today at (281) 758-1022 to schedule an appointment.

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