Annual Visits for Women's Health

It’s important to find a doctor that understands the unique healthcare needs of women. 

When women think about annual visits they most often think about their gynecological exam and Pap smear, but the truth of the matter is that women’s health is far more complex and comprehensive than simply visiting a gynecologist once a year. Here at Premier NW Houston Medical Group, our Cypress, TX, board-certified internists put women’s health at the forefront, with expert and compassionate medical care.

The Importance of an Annual Visit

The main purpose behind an annual visit with our team of women’s health specialists in Cypress, TX, is to assess your overall health, pinpoint risk factors and help you make certain lifestyle changes to prevent health problems from happening to you. Everyone can benefit from visiting their doctor at least once a year for these comprehensive checkups. It could help prevent disease and also catch the disease early when it’s far easier to treat.

What is Involved in Your Annual Visit

These annual visits will change slightly depending on your age; however, all annual visits require a physical examination. We will record your vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. We will also go through your medical history to determine if there are any conditions or diseases that your family history could predispose you.

Bloodwork is a standard part of a women’s preventive and annual visit. Bloodwork can be used to check thyroid function, cholesterol, and blood sugar as well as look for underlying signs of infection or inflammation. Additional preventive screenings, as well as immunizations such as the flu or shingles vaccine, may also be recommended.

As women get older, additional screenings, immunizations, and exams may be recommended such as mammograms and tests that check for osteoporosis. These checkups aren’t just to evaluate women’s physical health; they are also a time for you to discuss your mental health. When patients are experiencing depression or anxiety, a general doctor is typically the first medical professional they will turn to. After we rule out certain health problems such as thyroid dysfunction or hormonal imbalances that could be causing your depression or anxiety symptoms, we can provide you with referrals to mental health professionals that can provide you with the help that you need.

Are you looking for tailored-to-you, gentle women’s health care here in the Cypress, TX, area? If so, call Premier NW Houston Medical Group at (281) 758-1022 to schedule an appointment.

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