Understanding Your Risk For Diabetes

Premier NW Houston Medical Group, with Dr. Janette Nguyen and Dr. Hoan Ngo, can help provide treatment and care for diabetes in Cypress, TX, that can make your life better. It is important to track potential warning signs and risk factors to ensure that you can get the treatment that you need. Understanding these risk factors can help you manage your overall health and avoid serious complications.

Family History

If people in your family have developed this disease (particularly your parents or grandparents), you may be at a high risk yourself. It is particularly common for people with a family history of type 1 to also develop symptoms, though most type 1 occurs early in a person's life when they are children. That said, you may develop type 1 at any time, so make sure you stay abreast of your symptoms.

Dietary Risks

People who are overweight or who eat poorly may be at a higher risk of type 2. Even people 10 pounds over their healthy weight may have some pre-diabetic symptoms. It is important to lose weight and balance your diet to ensure that you don't fall into this risk even more.

Some Health Conditions

People with conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may be at a higher risk for developing diabetes in Cypress, TX, than those who do not. Other conditions, such as immune disorders, may also cause a higher risk because type 1 is caused by the immune system attacking the pancreas.

Poor Lifestyle Choices

People who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or abuse some drugs may be at a higher risk for this disease than others. Thankfully, quitting these behaviors can help you prevent long-term ramifications and minimize serious problems. Talk with your doctor to learn more about smoking and drinking cessation programs, as well as rehab for more serious addictions.

Take Care of Your Health

If you are afraid that you're at high risk for this condition and want to get help, let us know at Premier NW Houston Medical Group to learn more. Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Ngo can assess your risk factors for diabetes in Cypress, TX, and treat this condition as well. You can call us at (281) 758-1022 to learn more about your options and to regain a healthy life free from this disease's worst symptoms.

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