What Is The Difference Between Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes?

Diabetes type 1 and 2 are both different forms of the same disease, diabetes mellitus, and both cause high blood sugar, otherwise known as hyperglycemia. But there are important differences between these types of diabetes, some of which will be explored below, but to learn much more you can reach out to Premier NW Houston Medical Group with Dr. Janette Nguyen and Dr. Hoan Ngo in Cypress, TX.

High Blood Sugar

Insulin is a hormone that your body creates to draw glucose and sugar into the cells where it can be used by your body as energy. It's when there isn't enough insulin that a lot of the glucose and sugar begin to collect in the blood, resulting in high blood sugar. Your kidneys then have to work very hard to try to remove all the excess sugar, which can cause increased urination and also thirst.

Type 1

Type 1 diabetes usually develops in children and in young adults and is usually inherited, this means that it's not preventable. For those who suffer from it, their body undergoes an autoimmune reaction that attacks pancreas cells, cells that make insulin.

Type 2

Although a family history of type 2 diabetes does make you more likely to develop the condition, there are other factors that also increase your chances. With type 2 diabetes, either your pancreas doesn't make enough insulin or your body doesn't use it properly, or both.

Unlike type 1 diabetes, type 2 can be prevented with the right lifestyle changes and with the help of your doctor.

Diabetes Treatment in Cypress, TX

There are many serious associated with unmanaged diabetes, so it's very important to visit your doctor to help prevent it and to seek treatment as early as possible.

Dial (281) 758-1022 for help treating your diabetes, you can schedule a visit with Premier NW Houston Medical Group, with Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Ngo, in Cypress, TX.

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